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Companies, charitable foundations and philanthropists

Stand with us to support vulnerable people throughout the crisis this winter

Every winter brings difficulties for those who are older or vulnerable and live alone. This winter, the familiar struggles – dark days, bad weather, flu – will be complicated further as COVID-19 continues to circulate, adding further pressure to our NHS. As Coronavirus cases rise and restrictions return for us all, Royal Voluntary Service is needed more than ever before to meet a growing demand for support.

To date our teams of volunteers and staff members have made 181,947 phone calls offering companionship and ensuring people are safe and well, delivered essential groceries and prescriptions to 8,743 people unable to leave their homes and 7,135 home library drops and home visits. In addition, we have provided 19,800 free food packs to those most vulnerable and hospital medical staff, and made 3,107 transport trips, helping people to essential medical appointments for vital treatments such as radiotherapy and dialysis.

Our new ways of working have made a real difference to people’s lives – 96% of people benefitting from our remodelled support say that it has helped them to feel less lonely, 85% say it has helped them to feel less anxious and 94% say they felt more confident they’d have someone to call on in a crisis or emergency. 

Watch Catherine Johnstone CEO, explain our work.




This winter we will be:

  • Mobilising hundreds of thousands of volunteers across Britain to help people during the winter months to stay safe and well, and access essential groceries and prescriptions.
  • Delivering tens of thousands of companionship calls and welfare checks by telephone and signposting people to additional support services.
  • Providing socially distanced home visits to the many people who are missing face to face contact and Home Library doorstep drops.
  • Helping people to get out and about and reconnect with others, where safe to do so, through community transport services.
  • Supporting people with hospital and GP visits and to return home from hospital to recover and build resilience.
  • Delivering on-line weekly support groups for people living with dementia and their carers.
  • Growing our Virtual Village Hall digital channel to help protect physical and mental health through a range of wellbeing activities.

Companies, grant makers and philanthropists can help us as we step up to meet the challenge our communities face. 


Talk to us...

...Our partnerships and philanthropy team are on hand
to discuss how your support can deliver the biggest
impact for vulnerable individuals during this crisis.

Companies: Call Kate Rooks on 07714 898606 or email her.

Trusts, foundations & philanthropists: Call Liz Thomas on
07714 898557 or email her.


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